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    Within these pages, you will find all the information you seek about LegendMUD, it's inhabitants, and the Immortals that work to keep Legend what it is.

Playing the Game What is Legend?
Held within, the novice player will find information to assist with becoming a member of History.

Playing the Game
Here, you will find information on how to log in to LegendMUD, as well as a brief how-to on getting started.
Playing Legend

Reference Library The Known World: A Reference
Information on the areas of LegendMUD, and other documents of interest.

The LegendMUD Community
The Immortal staff, Player and Character pages, as well as links to the Legends of the Past, Lectures and the Legendary Times archives.

Links Documents of Interest
Including Varied Texts on the Subjects of Mudding located in other Libraries, notable Documents of interest to the serious Researcher, and sources for additional Histories of this land

Site Map
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Site Map


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